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Main Themes

Show Luo provides the opening theme for Hi My Sweetheart, titled “Head Over Heels in Love” (also known as “Head Over Heels” for short) (愛瘋頭/Ai Feng Tou).

Rainie Yang sings the ending theme, “Rain Love” (雨愛/Yu Ai).

Insert Songs

Rainie Yang’s “Youth Bucket (Tick Tock)” (青春鬥/Qing Chun Dou) (featured as an instrumental)

Rainie Yang’s “Anonymous Friend” (匿名的好友/Ni Ming Di Hao You) off her Rainie and Love…? album

Show Luo’s “Body Clock” (生理時鐘/Sheng Li Shi Zhong).

Show Luo’s “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone” (Also known as “You Won’t Be Alone”) (愛不單行/Ai Bu Dan Xing) from his album, Luo Sheng Men, which came out on February 19th, 2010.

Both artists collaborated on “In Your Eyes,” also featured on the program.

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