If you wanna join the listing, you’ve gotta know the rules!

Here’s how it works:

  • You must provide a valid email address. Don’t worry, your email will┬ánever┬ábe sold, rented, or anything of the sort. And you won’t be spammed, by us or third-party companies. If you┬ádo┬áreceive an email from the list, it’s to inform you of changes, requests, or replies.
  • You┬ádo not┬áneed to have a website, but if you supply one, please be sure you add one of our codes to your site. Do not supply websites that you do not own or cannot edit.
    • Hate/porn/illegal sites of any kind will┬ánot┬ábe listed; if it is discovered that you have linked to such a site, the link will be removed. You can still remain a member if you wish, but we will email you about it, just to check.
    • Website owners are encouraged to grab themselves a cool banner or button, to display their Extravagant Sky pride! Make sure it links to ‘‘.
    • If you do use a button or banner,┬ádo not┬ádirect link to it! You must save it to your own server!
  • YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR COUNTRY. We’re trying to gather people from all over, and we wouldn’t be much of a network if we didn’t know what country everyone was from, now would we? You don’t have to get specific; your country is all we need. If you can’t find your country, check any alternate names it might be listed under. For example, Holland will be listed as The Netherlands, Korea is listed as South Korea and North Korea. If you still can’t find your country,┬áemail me┬áand I will figure out where it is listed!
  • No bashing, please!┬áThere’s no point in joining the list if you hate the show or any of its actors. Any member caught “bashing” or linking to a “bashing site” in their member link will be emailed and asked to remove themselves from the┬álisting.

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